Devi Ever FX Torn's Peaker / Aenima


Devi Ever

This pedal is a combination of the the Torn's Peaker and Aenima pedals from Devi Ever : FX. With this combination pedal, you get plenty of noise and quirkiness, akin to a torn speaker. While you can get a regular distortion or overdrive sound out of the pedal, the Torn's Peaker / Aenima really shines as a noise machine. Control the overall tone of the pedal with the Zazz knob, and dial in the Volume to make the effect stand out. There is also a knob that effectively blends the sounds of the Torn's Peaker and Aenima pedals, once again, depending on how you dial it in. As as if you didn't already have enough tonal options, you can flip the Worse switch up to add plenty of noise and static-y goodness to the pedal's sound. This combination pedal is a great noisemaker, but still gives you options that let it be versatile enough to use as a regular fuzz/distortion.


  • Combination of the Torn's Speaker and Aenima pedals into one convenient casing
  • Volume and Zazz controls
  • TP/AE knob for blending of the two pedals' sounds
  • Worse switch for additional noise-making
  • Made in the USA
  • Operates on 9V DC power supply

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