Devi Ever FX GZ Goddess Zero


Devi Ever

Yes, octave up fuzz is great, especially if you cream over the 70's, find nirvana in early 90's fuzz soaked rock, or love the arrow piercing psychadelia of the 60's. Seriously though, isn't there only so much scrambled, high intensity, ear splattering octavia-style fuzz you can take? Sometimes you just want to chill a bit and have the octave up mellow out. Well, that's where the GZ comes in handy. Think of it as the marijuana of the octave up fuzz world. Mind you, it still had as much kick as the usual coke binged octavia-style fuzz's out there, but the GZ knows when to say enough is enough, and just settle in for the ride.

Devi Ever (2007)

The GZ is a quadruple silicon transistor fuzz with subtle octave up overtones and a subdued fuzz texture.

Devi Ever (2007)

punchy octave, juicy bass fuzz, raunchy chords, disharmonics, rocket guitar, dream love

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