Devi Ever FX Drone Fuck Drone


Bi-Fuzz and Noise Floor both with added drone controls and joystick controlled pregain controls.

The Noise Floor

The Noise Floor opens up various parts of the Soda Meiser circuit, allowing for more noise and chaos!

At lower intensities it has a great muff-like sound but with a lot more character. At higher intensities, it becomes a disharmonic fuzz bliss that reminds many of the more scrambled fuzzes of old. People have compared the Soda Meiser's sound to that of the Smashing Pumpkins and Jeff Buckley. I find it to be the perfect pedal for adding layers of fuzz over synth and bass when recording in the studio or on tour.

The Bi-Fuzz

This is a simple fuzz built upon the backs of two basic gain stages voiced for darkness and focus. Fuzzy focus.

Heavily saturated tones that work best when you have a good idea why you are hitting the notes you have decided to strike with your pick, fingers, drum stick, vibrator.

At lower setting it is very similar to the Mosrite Fuzzrite and as the gain is increased can get into more extreme Tone Bender territory.

VERY responsive to your guitar's tone and volume knob positions.

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