Devi Ever FX DN Destructo Noctavia


Devi Ever

  • Blistering octave fuzz.
  • Many have stated it changed the way they play guitar, for the better.
  • "The sound reminds me of the end of hearing" - hatshirt
  • This pedal is noisy as fuck when engaged, if you aren't playing your guitar, so considered yourself warned, and challenged. Are you man enough to take on the Destructo Noctavia?
  • Works well with bass, guitar, vocals, synths, drums, and anything else you can run through it.

Devi Ever (2007)

fuzzy fuzz love : treble intense

fried eggs : unforgiving : blistering

Devi Ever (2007)

The Desctructo Noctavia is a quad silicon transistor fuzz with massive amounts of gain; so much so it will obliterate your guitar signal into octave up fuzzed out bliss like never before.

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