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Devi Ever

One time when I was younger,  I was walking across a bridge back in my home town that went over some train tracks, back in my home town.  I noticed on the ground that there were a bunch of bees.  They appeared to be dead, and there seemed to be some other insects flying around them.  So I took a moment to kneel down and see what the haps was.  It turned out that the bees were indeed dead, and the other insects flying around were wasps.  Well, the wasps weren’t bothering me, so I crouched closer for a better view, and wouldn’t you know it, one of the fucking wasps took off with a bee’s head firmly in his grasp.  I tell you what, I’ve never been so excited about insect violence since that time those ants started biting me right where I enjoy being bitten as I was masturbating that one time in the woods.  That’s kinda what the Black Spider is like.  Also, the Black Keys and the Black Angels… and cocks.

Devi Ever

Torn's Peaker and Karaoke Party in one delicious pedal!

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