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This is a handmade clone of the original Marshall Supafuzz fuzz pedal, built from the original schematic. Originals of this pedal are extremely rare and show up only occasionally on ebay. I've seen them sell for between $1000 and $2000!

Those are for collectors with lots of $. What if you are a gigging guitar player that wants this sound, in a modern, rugged true bypass equipped package? This clone is your answer.

The sound? Absolutely amazing. Rich, complex overtones, like God himself has taken the controls. Here is what one buyer had to say about his Supafuzz clone:

    "i have to say i've got your suapafuzz which i brought to rudys in nyc(world famous music store) and tryed it even next to a d.a.m. and and one of those jmi reissues version it was equal in sound and preformance.the guy was stunned when i told him how much i paid. those d.a.m. ones are going for more then the originals.its rediculas. anyway thank you for doing this"

The build is top notch. Matched NOS AC128 germanium transistors, carbon comp resistors, true bypass switching, first quality components used throughout.

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