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The Rocket boost is a pedalboard friendly full range germanium boost in a bulletproof package, with the ability to use either a 9V battery or a standard polarity center negative Boss style 2.1mm DC adaptor.

Want to drive your valve amplifier into natural overdrive? Create valve overload at low volume settings? Need a treble booster, a bass booster, and a multi-purpose full frequency old school flavored solo booster? The Top Heavy does all of the above and then some. Works wonders in zinging up muddy sounding fuzz boxes and will make weak or low output guitar pick-ups warmer, more dynamic and fuller bodied. ...

Works equally well with single coils, P-90, humbuckers, filtertrons, you name it.

Sounds great in front of either tube or solid state amps.   

Controls are Volume/Gain and Range (from treble to mid to bass boost).

  • Diecast aluminum box (with "Top Heavy" graphic), as bulletproof as you can get.
  • 1/4 inch Neutrik audio jacks
  • ElectroHarmonix 3PDT blue footswitch
  • Alpha 16mm potentiometers
  • Super heavy duty pointer knobs
  • Hard plastic 9V battery snap
  • High grade tubular metalized polymer capacitors
  • 1% metal film resistors for vintage tone
  • Vintage NPN NOS Tesla mil-spec Germanium transistor
  • Solid core PVC insulated wires point to point construction
  • Assembled in the USA on veroboard in a one man custom shop.

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