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DenTone Electronics about the CigBooster

This is the first ever stompbox designed for the Cigar Box Guitar player. If you have built or bought one (or a whole bunch) of these lo-fi works of art, you may have decided to electrify your new axe with a piezo pickup.

These piezos come with their issues, including low output and a tinny sound.

This gig-ready, bulletproof pedal corrects all those problems. Footswitch between true hardwire bypass or a buffer/booster. With the effect switched off, you get the true bypassed sound. With the effect switched on, you have two choices. First, leave the knob turned to zero and it acts as just a buffer matching the impedance of the piezo with your amp to erase the tinnyness and harsh sound. Turn the knob up and it becomes a buffer plus a signal booster to add several decibels to your sound.

This JFET pre-amp boosts your signal and evens out the signal response across the sonic spectrum. Part of the way it does that is making the impedence of a piezo much more to the liking of a guitar amp.

Made with the best components. Metal film resistors, electrolytic capacitors, and Switchcraft jacks. It is wired so that it is only on and drawing current when the input jack is plugged in. 9V battery is included. All analog, all point to point, all hand wired. This pedal is quiet enough to record with.

Here is a review written by Bill Jehle of JellyBelly Music:

    "When I first saw the active piezo electic circuit made by Dennis I had one question, can you put it in a pedal so I don't have to put a battery in my guitar? Much to my surprise he already had one - The CigBooster. I bought one on the spot.

    Having made my own stomp boxes before, I know how hard it can be to put all the little bits and pieces in to a box. Dennis really surprised me by putting it all into an MXR sized Hammond enclosure. That's a tight fit for any stomp box. Nice job there Dennis!

    The CigBooster is a must have for piezo electric pickup players. Plain and simple, it has a knob, and a button for true bypass operation. It's made to buffer the piezo output into a level that guitar amps are happy with. It really works great with my ratty old tube amp and keeps it chugging along at full steam. Now, what's really cool is that the CigBooster can be used with "normal" guitars too. I run my cigar box bass through this and it breathed new life into it. The tone was transformed into a thunderous sound that drove the amp at the perfect level - just enough sag - and I could tweak it with that knob. Another way to look at it is, this is the box that makes your amp go to 11. It's that good!

    If it ever broke or got stolen, and I don't suspect it will, I'd buy two more to replace it!"

    Bill Jehle

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