DenTone Electronics 900 Pound Violin


DenTone Electronics about the 900 Pound Violin

The name speaks for itself. The 900 Pound Violin is without question the most versatile fuzz pedal on the market. Sweet singing sustain, rich organic harmonic overtones and an incredibly wide range of sounds available.

Yes, it can get that "electric kazoo" lead sound. Yes, chords ring and sustain forever, yet don't get muddy and dull. Each note lives within the chord. Yes, it can get buzzy and fuzzy and downright raunchy. Yes, it will cut through the rest of the band in a live soloing situations. Yes, it plays well with other pedals. It loves single coils and humbuckers and sounds amazing through tube amp and solid state as well. It even sounds amazing with an electric bass.

Santana is in there, so is Jimmy Page, so is every garage band that ever dreamed of the big time. It's up to you to twist the dial until you find those sounds. But they're in there!

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