Demeter RVB-1 Real Reverbulator




The RRP-1 Real Reverbulator is Demeter Amplification's new cool reverb which is the ONLY Real Spring Reverb manufactured for your pedal board. The Real Reverbulator is designed with the same revolutionary technology as the award winning RV-1 Real Spring Reverb.

The Reverbulator will operate at both guitar level and line level so you can put it in your effects loop or use it in your home or professional recording studio. Features: two Accutroincs 3 spring short reverb tanks that are switchable for Short or long decay time or both for a multi dimensional sound. Over load light tell you when you are hitting the unit to hard. 24 volt power supply provides all the head room you would ever need. Both input and output levels make it possible to set the unit for maximum versatility and signal to noise ratio. A phase switch for the long decay spring gives you more sonic possibilities. The custom made steel box both shields the electronic and uses our exclusive damping material to limit mechanical noise. Use the mix control to get your best tone live or set it 100% wet for studio use. Includes a mechanically dampened computer grade foot-switch and status indicator light. We use Burr Brown Audiophile chips and the finest components for un- compromised tone and long life. the unit measures 10"x6"x1.75". small enough for most pedal boards.

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