Demeter DRV-1 Over Driveulator


first called OD-1, later DRV-1


"The Over Driveulator came from the desire for the tone of the FOD-1 without the added mid-boost circuit. Featuring the Tight/Loose mini toggle to switch between silicon (Tight) or germanium (Loose) and featuring Drive, Volume and Tone knobs, The Driveulator provides everything from vintagy fuzz-type sounds to furious distortion textures that are vaguely reminiscent of the high-gain channel on my TGA-3 amplifier.

The Tone control is the key to getting the most out of the Over Driveulator, as it has abundant range and can move the tones from densely round and womanly to supermodel skinny (thankfully without losing the bottom) in a quick twist."

- James

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