Demeter FZO-1 Fuzzy Octavulator


  • Fuzz
  • Volume
  • Tone
  • Loose / Tight (toggle switch)
  • Fuzz (footswitch)
  • Octave (footswitch)
  • Balance (trimpot)



Introducing the Fuzzy Octovulator FZO-1. Get the classic Octave tone of the sixties without the noise and instability. Coupled with the classic tones from our Fuzzulator and you have a combination that guarantees some totally amazing sounds. Using a completely new analog circuit to generate the Octave sound the old noisy harsh tone has been removed so the octave is smooth, musical and usable through a much greater range than other devices. This unit will even work on Basses for high solo work.

The unit has a 1.5 DB gain in the octave mode, all you need to do is push the foot switch and the octave is engaged. There is a blue LED to indicate the Octave is engaged. There is a factory preset balance control you can use to fine tune your tone. Although the unit was designed to be used with the fuzz, cool tones can be achieved using the Octave by itself. The octave is generated by our exclusive fine tuned RMS Detector circuit.

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