Demeter is run by founder James Demeter in Templeton, CA, USA.

    Timeline (by James Demeter)

    • The company was founded in my garage with $25 dollars worth of resistors and caps in 1980.
    • The Tube Direct was my first break though product in 1982, inspired by a 1961 RCA tube Handbook, in it I discovered the Cathode follower circuit that I would modify and use in many other designs.
    • In 1984 I came up with idea of a Tube OP-Amp that I would use as the heart of my revolutionary Tube Mic Pre-amp and compressor.
    • In 1985 I introduced the TGA-3 a Class A 75 watt 3 channel all tube guitar amp.
    • In 1990 I moved out of the garage to our first industrial space in Santa Monica with three employees.
    • In 1998 we move to a larger space in the San Fernando valley with 6 employees.
    • It took years to figure out how to run an optical compressor with a 9 volt power supply that would sound the same as my all tube one. In 2002 the Compulator compressor pedal is introduced.
    • In 2005 the Fuzzulator is introduced and production begins on the FOD Fat Overdriveulator pedal and the DD Double Overdive pedal.
    • In 2007 we move to our own factory in Templeton, CA.
    • The Reverbulator pedal is introduced in 2008, a compact real spring reverb.
    • In 2011 we introduced our Fuzzy Octavulator, an innovative stable octave fuzz pedal.

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