Del Rey Custom Shop Pro Mk1.6


Del Rey Custom Shop (Fuzz King)

If you're looking for something of a missing link, sound-wise, between a Tone Bender and Fuzz Face this is it. The TB Mk 1.5 was was a short-lived unit produced by Sola Sound and reportedly used in the studio by Paul McCartney in the recording of the song Think For Yourself on the Beatles album Rubber Soul. Utilizing a two transistor layout, and accurate to the originals, the Pro MK 1.6 seems to combine the sustain and saturation of a Fuzz Face with the presence and articulation of a Tonebender. A Bias knob is standard on my model, giving you more control over gating and tone. I match a pair of great sounding NOS European Germanium transistors for this build. Rare NOS black glass OC75 and metal can OC72 transistors available while supplies last. DC jack and LED indicator is standard.

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