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Fuzz King

This is a clone of a Sola Sound Tonebender Mk 1.5, the famous sound of the Beatles recording, Think For Yourself, from the album Rubber Soul. It contains 2 real and carefully matched OC75 Germanium transistors, as used in the originals.

Like my other pedals, the circuit is hand wired from scratch with the finest components and not from a kit.

This pedal is true bypass and the switch itself is a high quality Carling.

A "Bias" adjustment knob is featured which helps to sculpt the tone in terms of sustain and gating.

You can get great overdriven clean sounds too, by rolling off your volume knob on a preferably single coil pickup. The pedal is quite versatile and similar to a Fuzz Face in Tone, but I think capable of many more tones.

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