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Here we have yet another collaboration with Chris Tapp of The Cold Stares, the de Lisle Fuzz Box.

The Fuzz Box is an NPN silicon fuzz with a unique transistor combination. It's hot. Stand too close, and it will burn the hair off your feet. Here's a rundown of the knobs: Roll the Edge control back to knock some fizz out of the fuzz. The Range pot boosts the output and changes the frequency characteristics. Dial in the Fuzz with...the Fuzz control. Overall output to the next link in the signal chain is covered by the Level Control. The rear of the Fuzz Box also features two mini-toggle switches--a Fat switch and a Limit switch. Flip the Fat switch to add some bottom end. The Limit switch changes the relationship between the Level control and the output coupling cap, which also affects the bass response. The Limit switch is effective when the Fat switch is off. (With the Fat switch on, all bass frequencies will be passed regardless of the Limit switch position.) There is also a internal bias pot.

It runs on 9V battery or adapter. The DC jack has a negative tip, so it plays nicely with other pedals/power supplies.

  • Hand-Wired
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Level Control
  • Fuzz Control
  • Range Control
  • Edge Control
  • Fat Switch
  • Limit Switch
  • DC Jack (2.1MM/5.5MM)
  • LED Indicator
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Case
  • Rubber Feet
  • Lifetime Warranty

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