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The de Lisle Eighty-Sixed is a tube preamp born of our unique amplifier designs. The tube line up includes an EF86 pentode fronted by a 12AX7 twin-triode. This arrangement allows the true character of the pentode to be heard, since it can be driven by a larger signal than those produced by guitar pickups. And by cranking up the Gain knob, the Eighty-Sixed makes a fantastic tube overdrive pedal. No opamps, transistors or clipping diodes--what you get is 100% high voltage pentode overdrive.

A push-pull tone control circuit was developed specifically for this preamp to allow the player to dial in a wide range of tones. Turning the knob counter-clockwise cuts treble while turning the knob clockwise cuts bass. Mids are scooped to a degree in the standard configuration. This setting is nice for going into a power amp input, loop return, or the input of an amplifier that lacks an EQ. When the tone knob is pulled out, one can still cut bass or treble in the same way. However, at 50% rotation the response is flat--a good choice when using an amp's existing EQ.

The two outputs allow the Eighty-Sixed to play nicely with a number of devices. The "Hi Output" provides a large signal output that is ideally suited for connecting to the "power amp in" or serial "loop return" of certain amplifiers. The "Lo Output" is perfect for hooking into a pedal chain, console or the input of another tube or solid state amplifier. This output can also be used to connect to high quality loop returns (like ours) that have an active mixing stage, which is great for live performance. Using an A/B Y box, the player can switch between the Eighty-Sixed preamp and the amp's existing preamp or mixture of both.

Just like our amps, the de Lisle Eighty-Sixed Preamp is hand-wired and built to last. The aluminum sloped-top chassis features a durable silver sparkle power coat finish. The inside is home to the same quality components found in our amps. Each pedal comes with our standard lifetime warranty. Eighty-six your preamp and get a de Lisle Eighty-Sixed.

  • Hand-Wired
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Gain Control
  • Dual Voice Tone Control
  • Level Control
  • 12AX7 (1)
  • NOS EF86 (1)
  • Power Indicator LED
  • Bypass Indicator LED
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Case with Sloped Front
  • 6 (W) x 8 (L)
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • Rubber Feet
  • 100% Tube Overdrive
  • 120V Power Supply
  • Lifetime Warranty (Tubes Excluded)

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