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Our explicit homage to the greatest of all. And yes, it does the Band of Gypsys sound as well as many others. It ended up our most versatile pedal: boost, overdrive, distortion e fuzz; it's all there!

Based on the silicon Fuzz Face this unit went under severe modifications. The transistors selection was essential so that we could create a silicon fuzz as dynamic as a germanium one, cleaning up with the use of the guitar volume knob. Besides its own name reference, this pedal can wander through records such as the Rolling Stones, Cream, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Johnson and Queens of the Stone Age among others, with a pronounced low mid, throaty sound.

The Fuzz knob determines the proportion of dirt and gain added to your guitar's original tone. In some settings the BOG presents a real clean sound, and in moderate doses it's your Austin Blues plug ‘n play (0.013 strings set not included).

The Mood knob works as an external bias control for one of the silicon transistors. Around noon the knob sets a regular operation voltage of 4.5v. Turning it counter-clockwise the power feed is decreased: the volume drops, the sound gets a little bit smoother, a sag effect appears and further down a gated fuzz sound is achieved. Turning the knob clockwise from noon the power feed is increased, the volume turns up, the pick attack is faster and the overall sound is more metallic and aggressive. Therefore the Mood knob allows guitarists to remain in the classic fuzz realm keeping it close to noon, or to explore new interesting territories in the extreme settings!

The Mode toggle throws in a high impedance cell in front of the fuzz circuit making the overall sound more brilliant and well defined, with a fast responding distortion-like dynamic, and allowing wah-wah pedals to work perfectly before the pedal. Does your fuzz wah like this??

You can still filter of bass frequencies and decrease the pedal's overall gain though the three position Voice toggle: treble boost, classic fuzz and extra bass, giving the pedal lots of versatility and matching it with different amps settings. Cutting sounds, well balanced voice or fat dripping fuzz, here you find all that.

A pedal for those who need fuzz with a clearer, smoother character, as well as those who are starting their trip toward the psychedelic fuzz domains, as the BOG retains a certain distortion-like playing dynamic, being easier to tame.

As all other DeepTrip pedals the BOG is true bypass and operates with 9v negative center DC jack that can be shared with most commercial pedals, but if you are the battery type we've included and external battery drawer so you don't need to screw around.



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