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Deep Space Devices

Forged out of clay and christened in the core of Earth, the Golem has been born. This monolith delivers stone-crushing tones by delivering tectonic plate-scraping sounds.

Through the “Power” knob, you restrain the volume of the Golem. With the “Rage” knob, you control the density of the gain. The “Form” knob allows you to shape the tone from a pillar-like treble to a bass-heavy monument. With the “Shift” knob, you command the high mids from their tomb. The Golem also offers three toggle switches: “Tremble,” “Shake,” and “Mass.”

“Tremble” and “Quake” act as twin toggle switches which directs the exaggeration of diode switching. With “Tremble,” the silicon diode sits in the left position while the germanium diode rests in the right position. In the middle position, the diode switch acts as a boost. “Quake” acts as a magnification of the “Tremble” functions to push the pedal to its capabilities’ apogee. Finally, experience pyramids becoming mausoleums as your tone lances through the throngs of distortion with the “Evolve” switch.

With the switch in the left position, the gain cuts slightly through the sinews of your tone. In the right position, the summit of this homunculus’ evolution will level obelisks into pedestals for sheer pandemonium as it becomes a God. Will you compress the Earth in the catacombs or macerate the world into dust and cinders?


  • 9VDC @ <100mA minimum
  • 2.1mm negative center jack
  • 70 Current Draw

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