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Dédalo FX

This pedal can do everything you'd ask a tremolo to do. It has a transparent-but-not-sterile tone, thanks to its analog, low part-count signal path. Photoresistors in a dual-phase configuration are used for its vintage flavor and low distortion. The speed can go from too slow to darn fast.

In “Classic” mode, it is modulated by a sinusoidal waveform, the same found in old amp “vibratos”. That's a timeless sound.

In “3” mode, you get another 16 additional waveforms, which includes square wave, triangle wave, and several asymmetric pulses and ramps.

Includes LFO indicator (bicolor LED), Tap Tempo and Tap Sync functions for further control of the effect. As all our effects, this pedal is True Bypass and handmade.


  • Rate: frequency of the modulation LFO.
  • Depth: intensity of the modulation.
  • Classic/3: selects the mode of operation of the effect:
    • Classic: vintage sound with senoidal waveform.
    • 3: enables the special waveform control A/B/C/D.
  • A/B/C/D: selects the special waveforms:
    • Switch "D" selects between two kinds of wave: linear (up position) o square (down position).
    • Switches A/B/C determine the particular waveform, according to this schema:
  • Tap Tempo: sets the rate of the effect by means of Taps on the true bypass switch.
  • Tap Sync: the modulation cycle gets syncronized exactly to the moment you activate the effect.

Internal controls: Remove the bottom of the pedal to accede the internal controls. To calibrate, use a proper screwdriver and do not force. Factory calibration is marked, for an easy return to the original state.

  • Level: output level of the pedal. Use it to compensate the volume loss you may perceive because of the tremolo modulation.

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