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Dédalo FX

This is a hi-gain distortion effect, which boasts three gain stages combining symetric LED with FET saturation. The tone can be described as open, full-bodied, and rich in harmonics. It has good dynamics and clarity, allowing each note to be understood no matter how much gain you apply.

In Crunch mode, you get good crunch great for riffs and rhythmics.

In Distortion mode, you get a masive amount of gain and sustain, ideal for soloing until the end of times. Includes the Bass Inject control, which increases low frequencies to give an extra growl to the tone. As all our effects, this pedal is True Bypass and handmade.


  • Bass Inject: adds extra bass before the distortion circuit, which changes the tone to a heavier distortion. Conversely, at min position, it cuts bass and provides a mids boost, for a more "rock and roll" sound.
  • Gain: applied gain, which translates to amount of generated distortion.
  • Treble: treble filter of 6dB/Oct.
  • Over/Dist: selects the mode of operation:
    • Overdrive: moderated gain with a higher and softer saturation threshold. Most of the distortion is provided by the FET stages.
    • Distortion: masive gain with a lower and harder saturation threshold. The LEDs provide a good amount of harmonics which adds to the distortion generated by the FET.
  • Level: final output level.

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