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Dedalo FX

The Byte is an 8-bit digital synthesizer that detects the sound of the bass and generates it’s own sound on response to it. The detector is monophonic (it only handles one note at a time). It has two independent oscillators with several waveforms, one running at the original frequency, and another one octave lower (suboscillator), which can be used together or separate.

The generated sound goes then thru a low-pass filter, whose frequency can be modulated by an envelope that responds to the note’s attack. At the end of the chain, there is a sample rate limiter that provides for interesting aliasing (phantom frequencies) effects.

  • 8 bits μ-control synthesizer
  • Clean signal blend with Analog-dry-thru
  • Several powerful waveforms including square, triangle, sawtooth and pulses
  • Independent suboscillator with square and pulse waveform
  • Sample rate limiter with control by optical footswitch
  • Envelope filter
  • True Bypass


  • LEVEL: Output level of the synthesized signal.
  • BLEND: Output level of the clean signal which is added in parallel to the effect.
  • WAVE / START: Double function
    • Wave: Selects the waveform of the synthesized signal between these five options, or silence:
      • Pulse
      • Bipolar Pulse
      • Square
      • Sawtooth (octave up)
      • Sawtooth
      • Off: Stops this oscillator

For best results, position the knob to the center of the desired selection.

    • Start: With the Control activated, sets the inital frequency for the envelope filter sweep.
  • ALIAS / FILTER: Double function
    • Alias: Controls the sample rate of the D/A conversion. This causes the addition of phantom frequencies (alias), creating strange harmonics and subharmonics of digital destruction.
    • Filter: When activated, sets the final frequency for the envelope filter sweep.
  • SUB / DECAY: Double function
    • Sub: Select the waveform of the suboscillator between this two options, or silence:
      • Square
      • Pulse
      • Off: Stops this oscillator.
    • Decay: With the Control activated, sets the total time of the envelope filter sweep.
  • INPUT: Effect input, connect your instrument here.
  • OUTPUT: Effect output, connect your amplifier here.
  • DC 9V: Power supply input, connect your dc adapter here.
  • LED: Lights up when the effect is engaged.
  • TRUE BYPASS: Turns on/off the effect. The true bypass switch keeps your sound intact when the effect is off.
  • LED: Control mode indicator. The led lights up when Control mode is engaged. Also, it blinks when changing the selection on knobs Wave and Sub.
  • CONTROL: Double function. Optical switch with this functions:
    • By keeping the switch pressed, it makes a sweep on the sample rate set by the Alias knob.
    • By tapping on the switch, it enters/leaves the filter Control mode, which enables the Start, Filter and Decay functions.
  • Trimpots:
    • RV1: Treble: Hi-Shelving filter at the output of the effect.
    • RV3: A/D converter bias. Factory setting, do not change.

Technical specifications

  • Model 2016 – BYT-1
  • True Bypass
  • Input impedance: 750Kohm
  • Power Input: DC 9v center negative (minimum 100mA)
  • Consumption: Regulated DC 9v center negative
  • Dimensions: 12 cm x 9.4 cm x 5.4 cm
  • Weight: 475gr

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