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The ALU9 brings the possibilities of sounds based on the aliasing phenomenon, with this sample rate reducer that can be modulated by oscillator and trigger modes. The effect can go from subtle to totally destroyed and is very useful for many types of instruments besides guitar and bass, in particular, drum machines and synthesizers.

ALU9 highlights include:

  • 9 bits µ-control sample rate reducer
  • OSC Mode: 32 sequences of oscillation
  • Trigger Mode with cycles up to 16 steps
  • Random Modes
  • Sample rate modulation via control switch
  • Internal blend of filtered dry sound
  • True Bypass


The core of the ALU9 is a u-controller that samples audio in 9-bits resolution and allows to reduce the sample rate to remarkably low values, achieving intense transformations of the sound. The sample rate can be modified in two ways: using the low-frequency numerical oscillator, which generates arpeggios based on alias tones; and by the trigger, which generates an alias change every time a new note is detected. Both modes can be set at random, which introduces a random factor into the modulation. The low bit resolution of the audio adds to the characteristic sound of this pedal. To achieve a sound that is also musical and intelligible, the ALU9 adds back a proportion of dry audio, carefully filtered to enhance the depth of the effect.


The aliasing phenomenon consists in the apparition of phantom frequencies non-harmonically related (“alias”), when audio is digitized at low sample rates. Also called downsampling or redux, the lower the sample rate, or the higher the frequencies present in the signal, the more dramatic the effect results.

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