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Dédalo FX

This is an analog compressor pedal that will impart the classic optocompressor sound to your guitar. It is not a only level-control device, but an effect unit by itself, providing that vintage-style squashed but alive tone. The gain control is done by a double-phase photoresistor circuit, capable of up to 14dB of gain reduction.

Controls can be easily set thanks to the extra-big LED, which indicates the applied compression in real time. The Tilt equalizer allows you to balance highs and lows without compromising the integrity of the sound. As all our effects, this pedal is True Bypass and handmade.


  • Compression: sets the threshold of the compressor: the level of the signal above which gain-reduction is applied.
  • Attack: attack time of the signal detector. Controls how fast the signal is compressed. Large attack times allow the initial transients of each note to pass thru, providing a more natural sound. While fast attack times assure there are no level peaks left uncompressed.
  • Bass/Flat/Treble: “Tilt” equalizer, allows to balance high and low frequencies. At the middle position there is no tonal change (flat). The Eq circuit is applied before the signal gets compressed.
  • Level: output level of the effect, allows to compensate the gain lost because of the compression. The make-up gain goes up to 12dB.
  • Compression LED: indicates the gain reduction being applied. Should shine with maximum brightness only in the peaks, for a tipical adjustment.

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