Deco Pedals


      Spokane, WA, January 8, 2011 – ToadWorks USA announces the release of a new line of DSP-based effects under the DECO™ brand. All DECO pedals feature True-Bypass® switching with a user-controlled defeatable buffer. In addition, all stereo effects will feature DECO’s exclusive True-Stereo™ output.

      The initial product offerings will include:

      • Stereo Chorus – features up to 5 simultaneous blendable voices, random Rate and Delay functions & Tone control, with programmable expression pedal control.
      • Parametric EQ – 4-band parametric equalizer specifically voiced for guitar.
      • Echo – features analog emulation, offset delay and Tap-Tempo with programmable expression pedal control.
      • Signal Blender – features wet/dry blending via manual, LFO, dynamic and random control with programmable expression pedal control.

      The DECO series is designed for the discerning musician that wants the power of DSP, combined with the attention to detail and traditional interface of a boutique product.

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