Death By Audio Sound Saw


  • Filter 1
    cuts a notch in your sound and inhances the frequencies around it to create a harmonicly full sound. The knob warps the notch and frequency output.
  • Volume 1
    controls the output volume of filter 1
  • Filter 2
    mixes between a high gain bass booster and a high gain treble booster. The control knob sweeps from one extreme to the other and through everything inbetween.
  • Volume 2
    controls the output volume of filter 2
  • Filter 1/2
    selects filter 1 or 2


Death By Audio

trash the system. make your fuzz pedal kill, kill, kill. everyone will scream in terror. here is the SOUND SAW. 2 unique channels of huge thick quasi-eq filters to intensify your wall of sound. blast your way out of the mix and sound enormous. the one channel of the SOUND SAW cuts a selectable frequency and boosts the hell out of the frequencies around it while the other is an active bass to treble blaster. LED of selected engaged filter dims when bypassed to let you know which channel is active. the SOUND SAW is capable of nice creamy tones or huge amounts of boosting, feedback insanity, cutting, sub woofing, room shaking, glass breaking frequencies to make you have the most intense sound possible.

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