DeArmond 1700 Square Wave - Distortion Generator


  • Output
    controls the output volume
  • Distortion
    controls the amount of distortion


September 1977 Guitar Player ad

Distortion Generation with No "Break-Up"

The SQUAREWAVE distortion generator is a solid state unit that gives you the capability of adding rich harmonics to your playing. With the SQUAREWAVE you can get sounds ranging from the tone of an overdriven tube amp at low settings to sharp attacking distortion at high settings. The distortion you get is infinitely smooth and will sustain the note you play with perfect, even flow when holding long, long notes. It will also decay with the same smooth action. The SQUARE WAVE eliminates the uneven breakup pattern common to most FUZZ OR DISTORTION UNITS of this kind when the sustain is decaying.

Both the output and amount of distortion are independently adjustable and, as In all our units, the on/off switch will not produce a loud "POP" when activated.

Battery life is maximal (a fresh battery should last 6 months under normal playing conditions) and the use of integrated circuitry makes the SQUARE WAVE a unit of high quality and realiability.

Price only $59.95.

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