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Has to be put between the amp head and the speaker cabinet and you need a microphone to pick up the talk box sound.

1976 ad

Let the Voice Box show you the way!

The sounds of Frampton, Walsh, Beck, Wonder, Steely Dan and more, come easy with the Voice Box!

Let your imagination run wild to create your own distinctive sound. The Voice Box is all you need to make your music talk!

The Voice Box uses the finest components available, with strictest quality controls... to assure you years of creative enjoyment! Choose the 50, 100 or 200 watt model to match your amp... and turn your sound loose! See your favorite dealer today, if he doesn't have the Voice Box, tell him where to order the finest talking guitar device in the world!

Dean Markley is actually a company making strings. When the Voice Box, which Markley designed for mass sales, became a hot product, selling up to 1,000 a month for nine months, Markley took orders from store owners across the US and used the opportunity to ask if they knew he also made strings.

Made in Santa Clara, California.

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