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The Tinnitus Boost is a transparent booster which lets your guitars tone shine through. This is a clean and dynamic booster, with more than enough gain on tap to send tube amps into overdrive. With almost unity gain, the Tinnitus Boost can also be utilized as a high frequency EQ. It's also handy for matching output of your rig if you use different guitars with different output pickups, e.g. a Strat and a humbucker-equipped Les Paul. Although it only has two adjustable parameters, it's a very versatile pedal.

It's built into a custom made enclosure. Only 25 of these are made, and will be re-released in standard enclosures early 2013.


  • Level - This controls the amount of boost provided. Starting at almost unity gain, the level control smoothly increases the signal level. It's capable of boosting volume for clean guitars, but will also push your amp into overdrive when pushed hard enough.
  • Treble - Controls the treble content sent through the pedal. The treble knob both cuts and boosts high-frequencies, meaning that setting the knob at 12 o'clock lets the signal pass through without adjusting the treble content.


  • Standard 9V Jack
  • True Bypass
  • High quality components
  • Current Draw: 8.1mA

All Deaf Audio pedals are handbuilt in Hamar, Norway!

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