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Deaf Audio

The Little Voodoo is a 60s style fuzz pedal, inspired by the Fuzz Faces of that era. It features selected low-gain silicon transistors for a smooth tone, without any harsh treble. And there's plenty of gain and volume on tap to push tube amps into fuzz monsters!

The Fuzz Face is one of the most cloned effect pedals known to mankind, so we wanted to do things a little different with this one. Contrary to it's small enclosure, the Little Voodoo is a versatile effect pedal. The external pot controls the overall fuzz, while the insides hide both a volume pot and a bias pot, to adjust the overall output of the pedal and the voltage going to the transistors. The bias pot creates a whole new set of available sonic characteristics. You can really starve the transistors, giving it a gritty sound, or feeding it with more voltage to give it a smooth character. In addition, there's a switchable input buffer inside, which is great if you want to place your wah-wah pedal in front of the fuzz, without the legendary squeel we all hate. It cleans up well with the guitars volume control too.


  • True Bypass and high quality components
  • 9V jack (no battery clip)
  • Controls: Fuzz
  • Internal Controls: Volume, Bias (voltage to transistors)
  • Switchable Input Buffer
  • Small enclosure for a small footprint on your pedalboard
  • Current draw:  2.0mA


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