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Deaf Audio

Deaf Audios first original design! The Faceplant Fuzz 2 is a sweet and slightly aggressive fuzz pedal, with the feel of an overdrive. It's simple two-knob design makes it easy to dial it in to fit your amps and guitars, and it's very responsive to the guitars onboard controls.

Don't like fuzzes, because your guitars tone disappears when you engage the pedal? Then you should try the FF2! It is transparent like an overdrive pedal, and let's the pickups on your guitar shine through.

It's a simple design with the typical "Level" and "Gain" knobs, yet it's still very versatile. It works well with the guitars controls. Roll back on your guitars volume to clean up the signal for rhythm parts, then turn it full on for lead stuff! You can also turn your tone control all the way down to get that typical mellow fuzz tone.

There's also a trimpot inside, to adjust the bias, or voltage going to the Jfet transistor.

You can also use the Faceplant Fuzz 2 to add sustain to an already overdriven amp, nice for solos!

It's got enough low frequencies to be used with a bass guitar too!


  • Gain and Volume knobs
  • True Bypass
  • Solid Hammerite paint or powdercoat finish
  • Trimpot inside to adjust bias voltage
  • 9V jack (Battery clip NOT included, ask and specify if you need a battery clip in yours, at no extra charge)
  • Current Consumption: 3,1mA

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