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In honor of history's original fuzz face, Fedor Jeftichew (aka JoJo the Dog-Faced Boy, one of the most legendary circus freaks of all time) here's the Dogboy Fuzzatronic 60, a dead-on recreation of The King of All Fuzz Tones.

The fuzzface is a popular pedal, but many modern fuzzfaces lack the feel of the original. The Dogboy delivers an insane amount of vibe and mojo. NOS Germanium transistors make for an unbelievably wicked-sounding pedal with the dynamics and touch sensitivity that the original Fuzz Face was famous for. It's an accurate re-creation of the tone recognizable on classic records by Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Monster Magnet, Eric Johnson and literally countless others.

At full-throttle the Dogboy's ultra-rare NOS Philips AC127 germanium transistors will turn any guitar into a 6-string psychedelic sideshow. But the Dogboy cleans up real good, too: use your volume knob or the "Bite" control to master a full dynamic range of fuzzed-out, brain-burning freakery -- from smooth, sonic shriek to a speaker-shredding wail.

The Dogboy FUZZATRONIC 60 runs on one 9 Volt battery or via a standard 9 Volt pedal power supply.

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