(DEAD)fx Baphomet Fuzz



A heavily modified, and finely tuned Fuzz Face/Fuzz Factory type circuit with modern silicon transistors and some extra additions to make this fuzz more unique.

  • as above/so below - additional footswitch (left) selects between two levels of boost into the input stage, giving a wide range from an Overdrive/Soft Fuzz type setting (low gain) to an all out assault of Fuzz (high gain) with noisy chaos at the top of the range. The sigil of Baphomet eyes illuminate with red LEDs to indicate the high gain channel.
  • Low - controls the amount of low frequencies let into the input of the fuzz stage, allowing for a beefier tone or if turned higher will drive the fuzz into harder compression giving you that zippery hyper compressed fuzz sound.
  • Mid - setup as a Mid boost or cut. Dial it back for a more classic scooped Mids "Big Muff sounding" tone stack, or Boost your Mids for an awesome modern garage rock Fuzz tone.

  • Shift - allows for even more EQ control with a tone shift, move from more bass to more treble and shift that Mid Boost frequency around to stand out in a dense mix or sea of loud guitars. 
  • Shape – an input impedance control for the front of the circuit, shapes the waveform of the fuzz and allows for more friendly use with Wah pedals. (Replaced High knob on Photos)
  • Fuzz - increase the amount of Fuzz from overdrive or soft fuzz settings on the low gain side to crazy High Gain Fuzz with spitty noise chaos on the high side and everywhere in between.
  • Volume - output Volume control. Crush the front end of your amp with the extra volume boost on tap.


* Internal trimpot

 - There is also an internal trimpot on the PCB inside the pedal which acts as a Gate control. This can either gate out the noise floor of the circuit and make the fuzz sound tighter and more controlled or can be left open and allow for good cleanup when rolling back your volume knob. 


The name and artwork design was inspired by some conversations with my good friend and guitarist for Mountebank (formerly 365colours), Mike Valle. The sigil of Baphomet, the Eye of Horus with radiating light and the Aleister Crowley quote attempt to serve as a possibly terrifying but curiosity building allusion to Occultism and Thelema. More importantly, I just see it as my little homage to Rock n Roll. The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Frank Zappa, Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath, The Doors were just a few of the 60's and 70's counterculture legends of rock known for dabbling in the Occult, Thelema and the works of Aleister Crowley. Everyone knows the story of Robert Johnson selling his soul to the Devil to become a great Blues musician. I guess what this pedal is saying is if Rock n Roll is the devil's music, we'll take an extra loud dose of the Devil please.

Welcome to the Left Hand Path...

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