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Deadbeat Sound

To start recording, press foot switch once. The LED will light up red, indicating it is in record mode. At the end of the loop, press the foot switch again. The LED will turn green and the Playback will play the loop continuously. To record another take (overdub) press the foot switch again while the original loop is playing back. The LED will turn red, indicating you're in record mode again. When you're done press the foot switch once more to quit record mode. The playback will play the loop with the original recording and the overdub. To delete your recording hold the foot switch down for at least 2 seconds, the LED will blink twice rapidly, then the last recording is deleted. Press the foot switch and hold for 2 seconds when the playback is stopped, the light is off, then all recordings are deleted.

  • Playback the jams with this Loop pedal by Deadbeat Sound.
  • Your loop can be up to Ten minutes long! Unlimited Overdubs!
  • True Bypass
  • Small and Compact. 3.75” x 1.63” x 2.28”
  • 9V DC (Power Supply Included) Comes with Two Patch Cables and foam padded storage box. Current Draw of 20 mA

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