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DDyna Music announces the BASS10 Compressor pedal.

Bothell, WA, July 5th, 2010

EQ, compression and switchable overdrive in a double wide die-cast box, the BASS10 packs in plenty of tone versatility for bass and guitar players alike. As the first effects pedal in our “GainShaper Series”, it features 4-Band, 18dB/octave crossover EQ filters, musically soothing, relaxed squeeze compressor with auto-return to 0dB sustain, plus a switchable 2 level limiter overdrive with depth control for dialing just the right amount of distortion. Of course, is pure analog and true bypass. Operates from 12-18VDC (adapter included).

DDyna Music

The BASS10 is targeted toward bass players, but guitarists shouldn't discount this tonefully crafted compressor with switchable overdrive.

The BASS10 starts off with 4 Bandpass Filters for dialing in or out entire bands of frequencies. The EQ drives a Relaxed Squeeze Compressor for greater musical response. For dialing in just the right amount of distortion, our switchable overdrive incorporates Dual Level Limiting with an adjustable strength lower level.

Sorry, no battery operation for this one. Operates from 12 to 18VDC (adapter supplied).


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