DDyna Music


    DDyna Music is run by Dan Simon in, Bothell (a suburb NE of Seattle), Washington, USA.

    Timeline (by Dan Simon)

    • July 2008: DDyna Music Co officially opens and sales start to grow
    • November 2008: Music market crashes, sales drop by 68%
    • July 2009: Premier Guitar reviews the Thinman OD (rating of 4.5)
    • January 2009: Resolution to stay in business regardless of economy
    • December 2009: Gearmanndude demos DDyna, gives 2 thumbs up to the Thinman OD
    • December 2010: Analog War Cry - Top Finds of 2010: DDyna Music Bass 10
    • February 2011: Premier Guitar reviews the Bass 10 (rating of 4.0)
    • June 2011: Burgerman demos the Thinman OD and Charlie Special
    • October 2011: Burgerman demos the BASS10, comments: "This is a pedal and brand to watch". (We think so too)

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