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The sonic Octavia pedal is based upon the vintage circuitry of the Tycobrahe Octavia. The Tycobrahe Octavia is a pretty rare pedal to find nowadays. Originals will cost you an absolute mint.

Like most fuzz pedals, the Octavia uses transistors to create gain on the circuit but with the addition of a transformer coupling. The pedal acts like a fuzz on the lower frets with lush octave up overtones on the higher frets.

There are two control knobs on this pedal, boost and volume. Boost sets the intensity of the fuzz with octave up overtones, whilst volume obviously adjusts the levels.

This pedal is true bypass for no loss of signal, and features bright LED on/off indication.

Use this pedal to recreate those vintage Hendrix tones, or perhaps to add another dimension to your songs.

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