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This is quite an unusual sounding pedal. It's basically a square-wave fuzz that creates a synthy sounding noise. There are 4 knobs; frequency, sensitivity, threshold and volume. The pedal can be adjusted in many different combinations, including ones which create a lower octave drone on the guitar to thicken the sound.

The main beauty about this pedal is the frequency knob. You can simply twiddle it back and forth and it will generate a synth style signal, alternatively if you have an extra pair of hands, you can adjust the frequency in real time whilst playing the guitar to get some really strange and unique effects.

This pedal sounds a bit like Muse's "plug in baby" riff, what with the oscillating synthy beginning and the bassy drone that thickens that riff. (you have to play around with the pedal to get it to sound like that)

Like all my pedals the pedal features true bypass so that no loss in tone occurs when the pedal is switched off. The led on this pedal is a bright purple-pink colour which looks beautiful against the blue box.

The pedal is built like a brick using a cast aluminum box, with solid metal knobs and a solid stomp switch with true bypass. The circuitry is hand built using a point to point soldering technique.

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