Dazatronyx Optical Tremolo



The pulsating heart of this pedal is light and photoresistor technology. The analogue oscillator has been completely electronically isolated from the signal by means of a optical coupler. On-board is a light which fades in an out at the depth and rate of the tremolo which is pointing onto a light-dependent-resistor. This resistor limits the level of the signal that can pass, acting like a guitar volume control knob.

The LDR has a slightly delayed rise and fall response time which makes for a very natural sounding pulse. This smoothing effect also takes off the harsh edge of the wave that the oscillator would normally make when it changes direction. By using optical coupling and a thoughtful layout, there is no oscillation 'ticking'. The oscillator is completely switched off in bypass mode to guarantee no bleed through.

Countless LEDs and LDRs were trialed before a perfect match was discovered. The wave was painstakingly shaped until it sounded natural and even. It can achieve very deep settings without bottoming out and forcing humps in the wave.

Don't be fooled, with only three knobs you can dial in a wide range of tremolos from sweet and subtle to hard and deep. The depth control defines the shape of the tremolo and the rate control can take it from a walking pulse to a hard helicopter.

A buffered level boost is included to match the output for deep tremolos, which is something that often goes overlooked.

For best performance use only a battery or a high quality regulated power supply designed for audio use.


  • Optical coupling.
  • Tone buffer.
  • No ticking. No bypass bleed-through.
  • Fast action 3PDT true bypass foot switch.
  • 600V Silver teflon wiring.
  • In-house made silver circuit board
  • High visibility 10mm status lamp.
  • Durable powder coated finish.
  • DC input socket.
  • Extra thick, diecast aluminum enclosure.
  • Highest quality components and construction.
  • Two year warranty + manual.

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