Dazatronyx Fetish Booster


The Fetish Booster is your new secret weapon. It can be a powerful tool in your arsenal. Use it to add volume, increase gain, or reshape your tone.

This is a unique circuit design optimized for ideal signal processing.

The Fetish booster features an internal voltage converter for increased headroom and improved dynamic response as well as extremely low-noise design considerations.

The controls are simple:

  • Level
    Controls the amount of volume output.

  • Body
    The tone of the output. Turn it all the way up to have a full frequency range amplification. Turn it to the left for something brighter with a bit more sparkle.

  • Ultra-linear dynamic mode
    Inside the box on the circuit board is a modeling switch which changes between a traditional boost (up position) to an ultra-linear dynamic mode (down position). Though a subtle difference, the traditional boost mode might sometimes be desirable for a slightly softer, smoother top end or interacting with older pedals.


  • NOS discrete Fairchild field-effect transistors.
  • Extremely low noise figures.
  • Full audio band frequency response.
  • Ultra-linear dynamic mode.
  • Internal voltage converter.
  • Fast action 3PDT true bypass foot switch.
  • Noiseless biasing.
  • Teflon wiring.
  • Durable powder coated finish.
  • Extra thick, compact Hammond aluminum enclosure.
  • Highest quality components and construction.
  • Five year warranty + manual.

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