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This unit is designed to preserve your instrument's original tone by mechanically rerouting the audio signal to bypass a loop of effects when they are not in use. Most large brand names do not use this method of switching in their products and opt for the cheaper option of using electronic components to 'bypass' the effect while they are in fact still processing the audio signal. The inferior method is notorious for inducing unwanted noise as well as potentially robbing your signal of both high-end tone and volume. This is particularly noticeable when you are using multiple effects in a single chain. The pedal is also useful to prevent you having to 'dance' on all of your pedals, trying to toggle a few at one time.

The fast action mechanical foot switch equipped in this unit is entirely passive and thus does not require a power source to operate. Power may be optionally supplied to the unit to operate the LED via the DC input jack or with an internal 9 volt battery.

To prevent wastage of electricity, the LED will only operate when a plug is inserted into the input jack. The LED illuminates when the looped effect(s) are toggled on. The battery is disconnected when a jack is inserted into the DC socket.

Your effects loop pedal has a couple of features that even high-end boutique products do not feature. While in bypass mode, the audio line going to the 'send' jack is Earthed. This is an important design aspect as some devices would go crazy with a floating input and self-oscillate, capacitively inducing noise into your clean signal. This is especially noticeable with high-gain circuits. This also discharges coupling capacitors on the effects loop, diminishing switch pop.


  • Fast action 3PDT true bypass foot switch.
  • High visibility 10mm status lamp.
  • Durable powder coated finish.
  • DC input socket (optinal).
  • Extra thick, compact diecast aluminum enclosure.
  • Two year warranty + manual.

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