Dawner Prince Diktator


  • Volume
  • Low
  • High
  • Gain
  • Boost
  • Rough/Smooth (toggle)
  • Dark/Bright (toggle)
  • Detonator (footswitch)
  • Fuse (footswitch)


Dawner Prince

Like every diktator, this one is rough too, but it can be soft – it has sweetness, but it also has balls…

It is a unique combination of clean, transparent preamp/booster and tube-like overdrive/distortion in seperate channels that can work independently.

Detonator channel is an extremely shapeable drive which takes your tone from light crunch, through rich, fat overdrive, all the way to tight distortion. Thanks to 2-band active tone control, any spectrum frequency can easily be cut or boosted. It reacts well on the playing dynamics which can be tracked visually by dynamic-o-meter, when engaged.

Fuse channel used alone is an ultra transparent preamp which refines the original tone, making your guitar sound bigger and easily pushes amplifier into the natural overdrive. Used in conjuction with detonator channel, it really hits your amp hard and is an excellent booster for lead parts, solos, ect.

All these features assure the Diktator's domination over your guitar tone and representative place on the pedalboard.


  • two channels (od/distortion and preamp/booster) that work independently
  • high input/low output impedance circuitry
  • active 2-band tone control
  • dynamic-o-meter (playing dynamics visual indicator)
  • 9vdc to 18 vdc (for higher headroom) operating voltage
  • battery or adapter (boss style, center negative) powering
  • reverse polarity protection
  • microcontroller driven true bypass relay switching system
  • premium grade parts (alpha, neutrik, cornell dubilier, panasonic, tantalum capacitors,1% metal film resistors)
  • ultra bright led's for ease of use
  • powder coated, laser engraved hammond die-cast aluminium enclosure
  • 2 year warranty on all malfunction except due to abuse

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