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This Optical Compressor came up with the need of a extremely transparent compressor. That is why we developed a compact and portable device capable to deliver so natural and transparent response that makes it truly a unique tool. The Opressor is such a fine piece of technology that you probably won't be able to tell if it's either on or off because it won`t mess around with your tone.

That's what we call transparency!

Useful Tips:

  • For setting the perfect input amount, set the Opression at minimum, and then regulate the Input Gain control until you get a nice round boost. This setting will ensure that the Opressor will work perfectly disregarding the output of your pickups.
  • Compressors usually go first in most effects chain. The Opressor is not the exception, anyways feel free to experiment with different positions. If you have a Envelope Filter you may try putting it before the Opressor for full dynamic control.
  • It can also be used as a Limiter on low Opression settings


  • True Bypass
  • Opression: Allows you control the amount of compression. It's very interactive with the output level of the instrument.
  • Level: Controls the amount of output, you can either use it to match up the bypass level on different compression settings, or combine it with the Opression control for using it as a clean boost on lower compressed settings.
  • Input Gain: It prevents the unit to clip and distort in unwanted ways by allowing you to dial down the gain for higher output pickups. It can also used for boosting passive or vintage instruments.
  • It can be powered either using a 9V Battery or regulated 9V power supply (center negative). You can also experiment with 12V power supply for extra headroom.

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