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When we first introduced the Microtubes B3K, we had no idea what kind of beast we unleashed. It's unique analog FET/CMOS circuitry, combined with the finest components gave birth to a simple, powerful and versatile tool for Bass Players who seek to saturate their tone without changing their rig's character. But this little mean box went beyond. The B3K delivers an immense amount of sounds, from warm, clear, and punchy tube-like Overdrives, to devastating Raging Bass Distortions, all without loosing a gram of low end or definition!

Doesn't matter if you play pop, rock or metal. This is the Bass Distortion you've been always waiting for. Once you try it, you won't remember how you've played so long without it!

If you want to get Fuzzy tones out of the Microtubes, you can do so by rolling down the tone control of your bass, if it´s passive, or treble if it has an active preamp, and set the Grunt switch to Fat mode, this will provide some mean , hysteric, woolly tones!


  • True Bypass
  • Original Design featuring Hybrid JFET and CMOS gain stages for a natural dynamic response.
  • Level: Controls the level of the Overdriven Signal.
  • Blend: Allows to mix exactly how much clean signal you want to mix with the Overdriven.
  • Drive: Sets the amount of gain for this pedal.
  • Grunt Switch: Choose between 3 different Bass boost levels before the gain stages. This interacts with the Drive knob, so you can choose how much of bass you want to saturate
  • Attack Switch: This switch features the same “Ultra Hi” option in most tube bass amps. And it allows you to choose how much treble content you want to saturate. The Boost setting gives more clarity, presence and definition. The Off option will round up your sound, making it a bit warmer and less sharp.
  • It can be powered either using a 9V Battery or regulated 9V power supply (center negative). You can also experiment with 12V power supply for extra headroom.




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2015-01-07Older US version.7/10  Nice fizzy sounding grit. Clean blend. Good low to medium-high gain range.Baked in mid-scoop that doesn't work for everything.

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