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Darkglass Electronics

The H.B. is the secret weapon to get the best out of your gear! It simply stands alone with it's FET circuitry specially tuned to recreate clean and warm sounds of legendary tube preamps. Also, It's built-in a Booster allows you to go from unity gain, to 18dBs of clean boost. But that's not everything, the Harmonic Booster also features our unique Character switch, which allows to choose between the built-in Harmonic Exciter, or Mid Booster, for complete versatility.

It also features a second Toggle switch for boosting the high end. The interaction of these switches with the Active 2 Band active EQ provide a universe of clean tones, All that in a small compact package.

This portable preamp can be used as stand alone preamp for studio applications as well. Also, is exceptional in live environments… just put it in front of your Bass Amp and you will see!


  • True Bypass
  • Original Design featuring discrete FET stages to provide a clear natural dynamic response.
  • Boost: Controls the amount of gain to go from unity, to 18dB of clean gain.
  • Attack Switch: This switch features the same “Ultra Hi” option in most tube bass amps. Also, it allows you to boost the presence for more definition and clarity, The Off option will round your sound, making it a bit warmer and less sharp.
  • Character Switch: Allows you to control two unique features of this preamp: The Hard position activates a Harmonic Exciter, ideal for getting all the punch and clarity of modern amps. The Soft position gives you a warm Mid Boost to provide the roundness of Vintage tube amps.
  • Treble: +-12dB Boost or Cut at 5kHz.
  • Low: +-12dB Boost or Cut at 100Hz.
  • It can be powered either using a 9V Battery or 9V regulated power supply (you can also experiment with 12V for extra headroom)

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