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Darkglass Electronics Alpha Omega Ultra Bass Preamp

The Alpha·Omega Ultra is the most versatile bass preamplifier we've designed: With its two distinct distortion circuits (Alpha and Omega), extremely high dynamic range, six-band active graphic EQ, dedicated headphone output and balanced direct output with switchable digital impulse-response cabinet emulation make for an incredibly complete tool for the modern bass player. 


  • Alpha·Omega distortion engines 
  • Bypass and distortion footswitches to use distortion and EQ separately 
  • Six band EQ ± 20dB 
  • master volume control 
  • Single user loadable cabinet simulation impulse response 
  • Micro-USB B port to connect to PC/Mac to load a different Virtual Cabinet 
  • 3.5mm headphone output with cabinet simulation 
  • Balanced XLR output with switchable cabinet simulation 
  • Switchable ground lift 
  • Input impedance: 1M Ohm 
  • Output impedance: 1k Ohm 
  • Power supply: 9V DC center negative (not included) 
  • Current consumption: 110mA
  • Direct Output: A balanced version of the " output, useful for running into PA's or studio mixing consoles.


  • Blend: mixes the clean and processed Signals. The clean signal remains at unity gain while the volume of the overdriven signal is set by the level knob, allowing for fine mix tuning.
  • Mod: Selects or mixes between the two distinct distortion circuits: Alpha is punchy, tight with a lot of definition, whereas Omega is simply brutal and raw.
  • Bite: boosts high midst (2.8Khz) for additional presence and definition.
  • Growl: Shelving Bass Boost for a fatter tone and increased low-end saturation.

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