Daring Audio Phat Beam - Bass Compressor with Sideband Shape Control


Daring Audio

This is classical analog VCA-based compression with tons of added flexibility, natural sound and without those optical components and associated sound artifacts. Simple controls yet broad flexibility with frequency selective sidechain control without having to use external signals. A first time innovation in a pedal.

There is nothing like it in the market today. It gives your tone a feel, depth and cut that that is clean yet thick and powerful. It provides incredible control over the attack of each note and duration of sustain. Unlike most compressors, the subtle and annoying interaction between attack, release, and threshold is eliminated. A single knob COMP allows full compression control. The circuit is adaptive and has selectable time constants for FAST/SLOW control. You also have control over the frequencies which trigger the compressor with the SHAPE control. So now you can control the nuances of attack which accentuate note articulation or soften it. It also has a clean blend and a separate limiter which can be on or off in conjunction with the compressor.


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