Daring Audio Particle Beam - Natural Sounding Bass Overdrive


Daring Audio

From clean boost through mild to medium overdrive or distortion. Active filtering of gain allows control over distorted frequencies. Allows full spectrum natural gain or focused drive on mids or highs to achieve extra bite and cut without become buzzy and annoying. Built for Bass from the ground up.

Emulates subtle to moderate tube distortion with frequency selective overdrive control. You can actually hear your bass chords clearly, yet you can define the amount of edge, grit, growl and crunch. Apply the DRIVE where you want it from full spectrum to focused narrow ranges of bandwidth with BEAM control. From pure unaffected bass 100% dry through to 100% wet with a continuous BLEND ability allowing strong clear low frequency clarity and responsiveness with various degrees of overdrive. Now achieve fine grained control over harmonic overdrive voiced for active and passive basses. The symmetry (SYM) switch selects between Class A emulation mode, rich in harmonics for that classic full-textured sound or push-pull Class AB amp overdrive emulation with only odd harmonics for tighter, smoother sounds. The Particle Beam has more versatility than most bass tube amps because of complete blend, active filtering, and high end frequency adjustments. And of course, it’s much lighter and works with any amp.

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