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Daring Audio press release

Anaheim, CA, January 23, 2013 -- Daring Audio Inc, the leader in Professional Bass Pedals, today announces another new innovative High Definition (HD) model to broaden its product line. The Laser Cannon HD boasts 100% analog circuitry, and has a high-headroom preamp with three optional distortion textures with a blend of silicon, germanium diodes and FET circuits. It features the Daring Audio hallmark design of “constant volume continuous wet/dry blend” capability between its two internal channels, allowing you to keep as much clean low end as you want.

Announcing The Laser Canon HD

The original Laser Cannon is particularly well respected for allowing continuous adjustment from overdrive to fuzz.  Now, based on top artist feedback, the Laser Canon HD incorporates all these additional new features:

  • State Variable Filter allowing low-pass, high-pass and band-pass before and after the distortion circuit for optimal tone shaping. Two filters allow separate pre and post gain filtering for unique sounds without using separate EQ pedals. Now you can retain clean low end, or certain mid ranges, or high end frequencies -- and dial in as much distortion or fuzz on remaining frequencies. This is the first of it’s kind, like having a “Studio in a Pedal.”

  • Expansion of the Gain control, enabling line level signals for re-amping, in addition to passive and active basses.  It covers the range from clean to mild tube-like overdrive, through distortion and all-out chaos fuzz.

  • Innovative Boost footswitch with controllable circuit placement alternatives to affect output volume, input gain or even distortion amount.  This allows for clean boost,  distortion change or blended boost. The boost footswitch has a separate Level control that applies only to the boost at whichever circuit location is used.

The Lason Canon HD is available in two finishes, black and aluminum, and will be released in March 2013.



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