Daring Audio Laser Cannon - Bass Distortion and Fuzz with Blend


Daring Audio

Bassists never had it this good. A sound so strong, so thick, so controllable with all settings usable for fast setup and stage readiness. Enables you to emulate the two track bass sound of clean and heavy distortion mixed together by a studio engineer. Built for Bass from the ground up.

Delivers medium to heavy distortion to thick fuzz using the WAVE Control. From full spectrum to focused distortion bandwidth with RANGE control. Provides distortion “edge clank” if you want it. Like a Rickenbacker through a cranked Ampeg SVT type sound. Perfect for bass fullness while playing with a drummer when there is no guitar in a song section. The Laser Cannon allows you to BLEND the clean, dry bass signal in with distorted and filtered signal – continuously from 100% dry through to 100% wet. It even allows clean boost without distortion. Diode type can be selected (NOS hand-selected) using the Energy (E=PC) switch yielding either tight precise overdrive, or classic compressed fuzz type tones. ATTACK knob allows fine tuning of the high end from clear and sharp to soft and round without killing your mid-range which is so vital to cut through the mix in heavy genres like Metal, Grunge, Industrial, Hardcore, Thrash – even Rock. This very low noise circuit requires no noise gate.

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